The fifth Wedding Inspiration board in the series is inspired by the gown Dolce Vita. 

It would be very easy to create a dark, moody, Victorian gothic theme & certainly this dress would definitely lend herself to that theme.

BUT….. Black dresses are not only for goths x They don’t have to be & who says you have to have the go-to gothy black/purple or black/red colour scheme even if you are wearing black?

Black dresses like Dolce Vita – a froth of black tulle can be given the romantic treatment with an alternative colour scheme & theme; though if gothic is your thing….. go wild.

For the Dolce Vita Wedding Inspiration board, I chose Alphonse Mucha as a jumping off point. Not so random given I styled the dress with a floral hair crown for an Emily Soto shoot that reminded me of Mucha’s work.

*Mucha was a Czech Art Nouveau painter, some of his illustrations featured ladies with floral crowns in their hair.

The moodboard for Dolce Vita is based around Art Nouveau with Violets, Aubergines, Purples & touches of Silver. Art Nouveau celebrated nature & the board uses flowers & branches in very natural ways adding lots of romance to a theme that can take in black too without looking dark.

So go on & embrace all those beautiful things celebrated by Art Nouveau & work them into your wedding, whatever colour gown you wear x


More about the dress: Dolce Vita is far from traditional but not all brides want traditional. It features a deep sweetheart neckline & voluminous ballgown skirt, all made in black tulle with an emerald /blue ombre finish to the corset.

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Wedding aisle: Make Be-Leaves
Dolce Vita, corseted black tulle gown: Chantal Mallett Bridal Couture, image: Emily Soto
Wedding lanterns: Axioo Photography
Dolce Vita, corseted black tulle gown: Chantal Mallett Bridal Couture, image: Emily Soto
Art: Alphonse Mucha
Wedding decor: unknown source via Pinterest
Stained glass: Tiffany
Table setting: Christophe Dugied
Wedding stationery:
Wedding bouquet: Natural Art Flowers, image: Teneil Kable Photography
Wedding decor: unknown source via Pinterest
Wedding cake: Sylvia Weinstock